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Terms of Service

These Easbyack software as a service terms (the “Terms”) are effective as of the date you click a button indicating your acceptance of these Terms, or access or use the Services (as a regular user or administrator), whichever is the earlier. These Terms govern your access to and use of Easyback A.G.’s (“Easbyack”, “we”, “us” or “our”) internal communications software services purchased by your Organization. The Easyback Privacy Policy is hereby incorporated by reference. If you do not accept these Terms then you may not use the Service.

1. Service

1.1 Easyback provides the service to you solely with assistant by its suppliers for the purpose of collecting user feedback and communicating with your users. This includes feedback collection boards, roadmaps, changelogs, and release management.

1.2 Easyback ensures a reliable operation and maintenance of the service under latest security standards (including encryption and TLS)

1.3 You grant as the right to manage your data (entered by your users or directly provided by you and your employees/team). Easyback will not use this data for analysis or exchange data to for third parties for analytics.

1.3 Easyback acts only as a software provider (including infrastructure and maintenance of the software) and is not responsible for content moderation.

2. Ownership and property rights

2.1 The visual interfaces, graphics, designs, information’s, source code, object code, products, software and all other elements of our website or online Services provided by Easyback are protected by all intellectual property and proprietary rights and applicable laws. All Materials are the property of Easyback or our third-party licensors, except explicitly granted by Easyback.

2.1 You only have the license to use the provided software and infrastructure services for the defined contract period.

3. Your obligations

3.1 You only use the software for your own business and do not further distribute or sell the Easyback software in any way.

3.2 You are responsible for the published data on your workspace (also for independent users that sign up and use your workspace) and removing them in case of unappropriated content (e.g. illegal content). In case you act not fast enough, Easyback is allowed to shut down your workspace (See 6. Shutdown).

3.3 User authentication is ensured through your provided identity provider (public or private), you are responsible (specifically for private ones) to prevent unauthorized access.

3.4 You are responsible to ensure, that the workspace is not used for any illegal activities (including yourself and users that use your workspace)

4. Data

4.1 You shall own and retain full ownership of your data and shall have sole responsibility for the legality, appropriateness, completeness, reliability, integrity, accuracy, and quality of your data.

4.2 To provide you with the Services, you grant us and your organization a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to host, copy, transmit and display your data (according to your configuration) and where applicable to incorporate your data with the organization data and Easyback data only as necessary for us to provide the services to your organization in accordance with these Terms.

4.3 You acknowledge that Easyback is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, appropriateness, safety, or legality of your data. Easyback will not perform changes on your data, except explicitly asked by you (e.g., restoring of data, migrations, mass manipulations etc.). You are responsible to ensure the content moderation.

4.4 We will maintain administrative, physical, and technical safeguards for protection of the security, confidentiality and integrity of your data as described in our Privacy Policy. We do not guarantee that your data will be free from loss, theft, misuse, or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. You are solely responsible for protecting your passwords, limiting access, and signing out of the Services when you are not using them.

4.5 Your data is your property, and you are always allowed to remove it without any reason. Easyback is always obligated to give you full access to your data.

4.6 If your workspace enables or uses Integrations as well as our API. You grant those integration providers the right to use your data and us to distribute it to them as necessary. Easyback is no longer responsible for the protection, safety, and integrity of the data as soon it leaves Easyback infrastructure. Our Privacy Policy does also no longer apply. Please check the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of each Integration provider.

5. Availability

5.1 Easyback ensure availability and functionality of its services under best efforts for Business and Enterprise customers. Easyback does not guarantee uptime or functionalities of third-party services as well as integration providers.

5.2 Workspaces under the Free, Premium and Professional subscription do not have any uptime guarantee.

6. Shutdown (of workspace)

3.1 In case of violation of these Terms, illegal activities, or request by government authorities, Easyback is allowed to shut down your workspace. In this case Easyback will not refund any purchases.

3.2 After the agreed contract period, Easyback is allowed to no longer extend the contract and shutdown your workspace (with clear communication and providing you all the data).

3.3 Easyback is allowed to shutdown Free workspaces without any reason.

7. Termination

7.1 These Terms are incorporated with our Privacy Policy and are binding until you use our services as well as for the agreed contract period. You are always allowed to terminate these terms; in this case you lose the right and license to use our services (Easyback will not refund any purchases).

7.2 Easyback is always allowed to terminate or change these terms with according communication.

8. General

8.1 Easyback is located in Switzerland and applies Swiss law. The Commercial Court of the canton of Aargau shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of or in connection with these Terms.

8.2 The parties are independent contractors and these Terms do not create a partnership, franchise, joint venture, agency, fiduciary or employment relationship between the parties.

8.3 You may not assign any of your rights or obligations hereunder, whether by operation of law or otherwise, without our prior written consent. We may transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms to another organization, but this will not affect your rights or our obligations under these Terms. Subject to the foregoing, these Terms shall bind and inure to the benefit of the parties, their respective successors and permitted assigns.

9. Definition

9.1 Easbyack, the service provided.

9.2 Users, that access Easyback (and your workspace). Individual users can be employees, customers, app users or similar kind of individuals that use Easyback on your behalf. Users may not directly be related to your organization but access your workspace.

9.3 Workspace(s), are separated instances of Easyback provided under the * or a custom domain name. An organization can have one or more workspaces.

9.4 Integration(s), allow to extend workspaces with additional functionalities. Integrations can directly be provided by Easyback as well as external third parties. Integrations usually connect to third-party services or infrastructure which are not owned by Easyback.

9.5 Content Moderation, means to ensure that no illegal content is published and removing it under best efforts.