Where customers are made happy

Stop guessing, start asking

Collect, Feature requests, Bug reports, Ideas, Feedback and more.

Easyback helps businesses turn customer feedback into valuable product optimizations.

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Deliver what your audience needs

Catch your customer where they need it

Build a community of power users that drive your product

Guide your product in the right direction


The power of SaaS

The all-in-one platform

Easyback is a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed to perfectly fit your brand. Let us do the hard part while you listen to your customers.
Collect feedback with Easyback boards
Let users vote for ideas and bug reports
Add features and changes to Easyback roadmaps
Keep customers updated with Easyback Changelogs

Easyback Boards

Capture feedback from your customers

Don't guess, ask your customers what they want! With Easyback, you get the entire toolset to reach a whole new level of customer satisfaction.
Advanced template system
Custom input fields
Configurable states & tags
Moderation tools
Item upvoting
Comments and reactions
Markdown support
Attachments support
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Easyback Changelogs

Update customers with your latest news and changes

Keep customers up to date with your latest news and educate them about your product and services.
Versioning and qualifiers
Automatic notifications
Draft mode
Comments and reactions
Embedded images
Markdown support

Easyback Roadmaps

Manage expectations with your customers

Managing expectations is an important part to retain customers, use Roadmaps to keep them up to date about ongoing changes.
Custom configuration
Classic kanban roadmaps
Release roadmaps
Connected to boards
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Start listening to your customers with the Easyback platform for free, or contact us to design a package specifically for your business.

Branding and design

Easyback matches your brand

Your brand is your power, and you should use it. Easyback allows you to unfold its full potential with a wide range of customization flexibility.

Custom theme colors

Use your own brand colors and adapt Easyback to your product.

OAuth and OpenID Connect

Use your own provider and let customers sign in with their already existing account.

Vanity url

Give your customers a secure feeling by using your custom domain name.

Markdown support

Markdown descriptions and texts bring even more possibilities to design your Easyback workspace.

Logos and icons

Your brand is your strength and we love to see your logo shine on Easyback.

Custom navigation

Create custom navigations and reference resources outside Easyback.

Multiple languages

Easyback is designed to be used in a global context and includes various multi-language capabilities.

Dark and light mode

The included dark and light mode matches every customer's preferences.

Integrate easyback into your landscape

Flawless integration into known tools

Easyback is designed to build a bridge between your developers and customers. That's why we offer a full range of integration possibilities, from project management to communication tools, to make everyone's job as easy as possible.

Ready to get started? Create your first workspace today.

Start listening to your customers with the Easyback platform for free, or contact us to design a package specifically for your business.